History of A-Karrasel


The A-Karrasel Child Care Centers have a long history of providing early childhood education within the community. Most of the A-Karrasel centers were established in the middle 1960’s – each having their own unique cultural make-up and identity.
The first school acquired was in 1979 from Gladys and Henry Bill. They operated the Galewood location (5510) for about 10 years before deciding to leave the child care field. A-Karrasel expanded in 1980 and 1981, with the acquisition of the two original “A-Karrasel” locations at 3030 N. Kedzie and 3420 W. Fullerton. Basil and Evi Karras started these two locations under the name Karrasel Schools. Notice how the name Karrasel came through by adding to their last name – Karras(el). Mr. Karras, a former teacher for Chicago Public Schools, and his wife were known for the many new educational programs which they introduced to the child care world. They soon realized that their advertising position in the Yellow Pages was not the best for business, so they added the A to Karrasel. The name of both schools has remained the same ever since, along with our top position in the Yellow Pages.

a-karrasel daycare playground



Happy Day Child Care Center in Elmwood Park was the next acquisition in 1988. Shirley and Robert Davis started Happy Days and, like all our centers, became successful with a good reputation for providing care. When they decided to retire, Happy Day became a welcome addition to A-Karrasel.
Angel Town is a newer acquisition. Lorraine Angel opened the school in Rosemont and later moved it to Des Plaines, establishing the center over 40 years ago. She expanded her scope of care starting with infants and then primary grade children. In 1999, Angel Town became a part of the A-Karrasel Child Care Group.



Our most recent addition occurred in 2009 with the welcoming of Playhouse in Schiller Park to the A-Karrasel family. The quaint, homelike environment serves infants through preschool age children.
As you can see, our A-Karrasel Child Care Centers are a mix and match of selective, quality centers located in excellent communities. The goal of A-Karrasel’s staff and administrators is to continually provide quality programming for each of the children attending their center. Each center is among the best within their communities and A-Karrasel will always continue to improve upon the quality of services offered.

Chicago Infant Daycare

Dear Parents,

Welcome to A-Karrasel Child Care Center! Our goal is to provide the best care and education for your child as you carry out your daily activities. We want your child’s A-Karrasel center to be a “home away from home”
Our Parent Handbook has been prepared to acquaint you with our program and policies. You will find it most helpful in answering many of the questions you might have.
We believe that one of the most important factors for your child’s success in education and development is by developing a strong relationship with your A-Karrasel Child Care Center. We ask that you work closely with us in keeping the lines of communication open. If you ever have a problem, a concern, a question, or just need to talk to someone, feel free to stop by and talk with your child’s teacher or one of our administrators. A-Karrasel has an “open door” policy!
In keeping with our belief to provide the best care and education for your child, all of our A-Karrasel Child Care Centers have recently completed a quality rating assessment cycle. Each of our centers achieved star ratings, indicating that each center has achieved a quality care level and star rating. A-Karrasel will continue to strive for quality within our programs.
We are here to accommodate you and your child’s needs. We invite you to see the classrooms in action. These years provide the stepping stones over which your child will advance from babyhood into childhood. Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit A-Karrasel Child Care Centers at any time.

A.P. Morelli
Executive Director

How to find us

A-Karrasel has six convenient locations in the Chicagoland area. Click on a location below, or fill out the contact form. We would love to address any questions you have, and invite you and your little one to visit us for a tour!

A-Karrasel Child Care Centers

5504-10 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60639-1329
(773) 637-1022

A-Karrasel Academy

7801 W Grand Ave
Elmwood Park, IL 60707-1823
(708) 452-7666

Playhouse Child Care Center

4248 Grace St
Schiller Park, IL 60176-1912
(847) 671-3192